Bulk PCB fabrication

PCB manufacturing for FR4, CEM, HDI, Halogen free or as per your need

Layers: 1-32

Quantity: 1-1million pcs.

Quality: Standard IPC2

Build time: 2 days-5 weeks

Material: FR4

PCB Prototype

PCB Layout Design & PCB Prototype with lowest turnaround time and cost

Layers: 1-8

Quantity: 5-100 pcs.

Quality: Standard IPC1

Build time: 2-9 days

Material: FR4

PCB laser Stencils

High Quality Stencils fabrication as per custom need with highest precision

Layers: 1-8

Quantity: : 1-1million pcs.

Build time: 12-15 days

Material: Aluminum

flex/flex-rigid, Rogers, etc

Assembly Services

End-to-end PCB Assembly with Lead free soldering or DFM checking for all the types of PCBs

Layers: 1-32

Quantity: 1-1million pcs.

Quality: IPC Class III

Build time: 2-10 days

Other Option: Custom testing

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    Trusted PCB Manufacturer & PCBA

    SoonEasy, a leading PCB manufacturer of China, is focusing on high quality and cost effective printed circuit board fabrication together with its unmatched consistency and customer-satisfaction, which has earned it respect and appreciation on a global level. SoonEasy has a long-established reputation in providing its customers prototype and small volume through the most efficient usage of state of the art technology.
    • Adopt online self-service system, transparent quotation.
    • Low price, Low minimums, High quality.
    • Professional PCB Manufacturer Located in China.
    • 10 years experience in PCB manufacturing, Comprehensive manufacturing Techniques.
    • The fastest delivery period of expedited service.
    • ISO Certified Organization
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